Cocktail recipes, festival news, and updates.

The Canvino magnum pack has arrived just in time for party season

News flash, magnums aren’t just reserved for bottles, you know. With Christmas around the corner and party season in full swing, Crimbo is about to get even fizzier!

Why it’s time to start drinking canned wine now

The season of cocktails is dead, and with Christmas fast approaching, canned wine is going to be bigger than ever.

Luna Cinema Winter Blog

Winter has arrived and with it two of our favourite things: outdoor cinemas and the excuse to drink even more booze (responsibly, of course).

The sustainability guide to canned wine

Sustainability is a major buzzword right now (think COP26), so it’s only natural that we’ve all started to think about the ways in which we can all be that little bit more greener. 

Why is wine in cans such a good idea?

From convenience to readiness and helping Mother Nature, we round up why canned wine is such a good idea.

The myths of drinking wine in cans

Wine professionals of all types will regularly make bold claims for or against the latest trending tipples on social media and in countless magazine articles.

Five vineyards you must visit on your next trip to Italy

Italy is one of those countries where the food and wine means serious business – it’s an institution as much as it is a lifestyle.

The best picnic spots

Summer may have fizzled out but that doesn’t mean the picnic season has come to an end. To prove it, we’ve rounded up some of the best all seasons picnic spots around the country.

What does naturally sparkling mean?

There’s water and then there’s naturally sparkling water. What’s the difference you ask? Well, to put it simply there’s more than one.

Are cans better for the environment?

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for everyone, and businesses like ours are making plastic-free pledges in a bid to save the earth left and right. Cue the mighty can.

Do they still use their feet to press grapes in wine-making?

The simple answer is no. While smashing grapes barefoot was common practice in Egypt many moons ago, the practice fell out of favour back in ye olde Medieval days.

What to look out for when tasting wine

Have you ever been one of those people in a restaurant who awkwardly says yes when the waiter asks: “would you like to try the wine?”We’ve all been there…

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