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Canned wine brand within the UK on-trade and festival market.


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Canned drinks in general are becoming increasingly popular due to today’s consumer needs for both products that are lightweight and portable, as well as better for the environment.

Canned wine in particular is experiencing triple digit growth following a similar trend in the States, and Canvino is the perfect brand to satisfy your customer’s requirements.

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Bars, Restaurants, Clubs & Venues

Widely available through the on-trade wholesale network, Canvino is distributed in a range of outlets. These range from quirky cocktail bars to crazy golf venues, from pop-up food outlets to national chains of burger restaurants, and from small independent music venues to 40k+ capacity stadiums.

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As mentioned above canned products or RTD’s (ready to drinks) are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market.

Becoming the first canned wine product to be listed at Harvey Nichols in our first month from launching, gave us confidence that canned wine not only belongs in the multiple grocery channel, but also all others including premium department stores. Some reasons behind the success of RTD’s are:

Convenient and portable – aluminium can
Promotes responsible drinking – Single-serve so you don’t have to finish the bottle
Reduces wastage – if you only fancy a glass, the rest of the bottle won’t go stale in the fridge
Encourages new drinkers to wine – as they don’t have to buy an entire bottle

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Canvino’s range is Ideal for outdoor and glass-free locations, and the benefits include:

5x faster – to serve a can than decanting.  
No plastic cups – Single serve means no wastage.
Fewer visits to replenish – Cans allow 113% more liquid to fit into a fridge / ice dump than bottles.
Saving in recycling costs  – Cans are under 10% of the weight of glass to recycle.
More satisfied customers – Cans stay cooler and more carbonated for twice as long as plastic cups.
One touch point  – reducing chances of contamination from bottles and glasses.

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We’ve partnered with the awesome team at Proof Drinks, their knowledge and experience of the on trade is unparalleled and a broad network ensures all requirements and needs can be met.

If you’re interested in stocking any of Canvino’s products click below.

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