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Pride in our past.
Inspired by the future.

Our aim has always been to fuse the best of traditional Italian wine making with the convenience of modern day demands.

Premium Italian Heritage

Our vineyard partners are owned and run by a family that have been producing wine for over a century in Lombardy, in the North West of Italy.

We were determined to work with someone that could offer single-estate wine and provide our customers the taste and quality in their wine that we love and inspired us.

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Lombardy Region

The region is known particularly for its sparkling wines made in the Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese areas of the northern Italian lakes in the foothills of the Alps.

Vinicola Decordi

The Decordi Winery was established in 1921 as a family-run tavern, where the traditional wines and foods of the Cremonese lower-padana Region were served.

It has remained in the family for 100 years and continues to pass down through the ages with Alessandro Decordi, fourth generation owner the latest to join in 2005.

Scrapbook image of Italian vineyard
Canvino Bianco accompanied by Apples and Grapes


A lightly sparkling, crisp and
dry white wine which is full-bodied and easy to drink. Although dry or ‘Secco’ in style, it is fruity and fresh with light floral notes.

CanvinoRosé accompanied by Lemon and Grapes


A medium-dry, lightly sparkling Rosé with well balanced fruit notes. The pale blush colour is indicative of Northern Italian wines and is perfect for any occasion.

Canvino Bellini accompanied by Raspberries and Starberries


Light and citrus notes on the nose, our Aperitivo Spritz delivers refreshment in abundance with that perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Canvino Spritz accompanied by Oranges and Grapes


Distinctive fruit notes on the nose, our take on a classic blends the sweetness of ripe raspberries and crisp dry sparkling wine, resulting in a refreshing pre-dinner Aperitivo.


One of the added benefits of the growing demand for single-serve, canned drinks is that they are highly thought of as better for the environment. Not only is aluminium 10 times lighter than glass* and so carries a lower carbon footprint whilst travelling, aluminium is a more infinitely recyclable material than glass and plastic.

*comparing full bottles of Prosecco to Canvino, on a per ml basis

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Women drinking Canvino in the sun at Taste of London
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