Canvino Launches In Tesco!

Canvino Launches In Tesco!

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We are really excited to announce that Canvino Bianco and Canvino Rosé are both now available in Tesco!

Tesco is our first national retailer listing and we are really proud that Canvino's canned Italian sparkling wines are now available in 947 stores nationwide. 

With Summer just around the corner, Tesco will be the perfect pit stop to make sure you have portable, convenient and ice cold cans for your summer gatherings. Whether you're heading to the beach, a picnic in the park, BBQ or a music festival, Canvino (and Tesco) has you covered! 

Canvino is available in selected Tesco stores from £2.50 and is also part of the 4 for 3 multi-save offer, which means you can treat your friends too...or just get more for yourself, we won't tell!

To find a Tesco stocking Canvino near you, just visit our store locator on our website here

Alternatively, you can add Canvino to your weekly shop on the Tesco website

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