Why it’s time to start drinking canned wine now

Why it’s time to start drinking canned wine now

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The season of cocktails is dead, and with Christmas fast approaching, canned wine is going to be bigger than ever. Forget the bottles and spirits – wine á la can is what we’ll be drinking around the table this festive season, anywhere and everywhere and we’ve come up with five excellent and convincing reasons to make sure you make the switch now.


It’s a booming trend

Anything that offers convenience is a major bonus, especially in this day and age when our lives get even more manic. More so, cans are easier to throw into a bag (sayonara clanging bottles), they pack in servable drams (less waste) and carry a lot less of a carbon footprint, too. Summed up, drinking wine from a can offers convenience, less waste and is better for the planet – that’s three trends in one.


Cans are less snobby

The point of a drink is to bring people together. Canned wines are great because they break down all the pomp and fuss associated with bottled grapes, which can sometimes put people off. With more cans and brands like ours going on the market, they have the potential to bring a far less intimidating crowd to the wine space and introduce an entire generation to a world that doesn’t just involve flashy and Instagrammable cocktails.


Going canned is better for the planet

Cans are lighter than bottles, so the fossil fuels burned (think of those big ships carrying crates of bottles from the continent to Blighty) transporting them is far lower. Also, waste. Small serves, like your average can of cola, are designed for one sitting. Instead of cracking open an entire bottle or two, the benefit of drinking from a can is that it’s designed for one of those ‘fancy a glass’ moments – that means less waste, and far less commitment.


Wines in cans are designed to be uplifting 

We’ve all had a pretty rough time of late thanks to our common fore Covid. Canned wine is all about young, fresh, fruity and aromatic wines. White, red, or rosé – the best? light, juicy and fruity. Round up all those positive adjectives and you’ve got yourself and evening of uplifting and easy drinking.  

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