Why is wine in cans such a good idea?

Why is wine in cans such a good idea?

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From convenience to readiness and helping Mother Nature, we round up why canned wine is such a good idea.


It’s convenient:

The benefits of canned wine are the convenience and the small serves – if you just fancy the one glass, you can grab a can from the fridge and you’re off.


It’s more sustainable:

Cans are recyclable and crucially much lighter in weight than glass bottles, so the fossil fuels burned transporting them is far lower. Aluminium has far higher recycling rates than glass, and a reduced carbon footprint means less pressure on local and wider environments, which of course, is a major eco bonus.


You’re less likely to waste it:

Think about it. Cans are much smaller and easier to drink than your average bottle. Just like a can of your favourite soft drink, it’s easily drinkable in one session because there’s no need to uncork an entire glass goblet. Plus, if you are a major waster, your pocket is likely to feel less guilty, too.


It cools quicker:

One of the main advantages of canned wine is faster chilling. This makes cans a good choice for picnics, concerts in the park and drinking by the pool, where you can quite literally grab a can from the cooler, glassless and fuss-free.


They are fresher:

Canned wines are meant to be drunk immediately, so unlike the bitterness of an aged wine, your tastebuds will be treated to something fresher and younger – just what you need when summer makes an appearance again.

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