The myths of drinking wine in cans

The myths of drinking wine in cans

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Wine professionals of all types will regularly make bold claims for or against the latest trending tipples on social media and in countless magazine articles. Most are based on personal taste and preference, as well as market numbers, but as we all know, opinions are totally subjective and have the power to sway our choices no matter the subject.

When it comes to canned wine, just like any other newbie in the industry, there are converts and there are contrarians. If you’re on the fence, here are some canned wine myths debunked.


Myth: All canned wine is low-quality bulk juice

Reality: Chances are if you’ve heard anyone say this that they are simply a wine snob. Yes, canned wine can be hit or miss when it comes to quality, but so can wine out of a bottle, and as with anything, you need to try a few brands out there to fizzle out the good ones from the downright ugly. Like our cans, look out for ones rustled up by smaller batch producers that come with a touch of the personalised. The fact is, the more effort put into your can, the better it will taste.


Myth: it tastes like metal.

Reality: When you drink a can of diet cola does it taste like metal? No. We rest our case. Again, it’s all about what goes into a product so always check the label to know if you are buying quality or not. If a wine does taste metallic, it more likely that its been left on the sediment for too long as opposed to what it’s been stored in.


Myth: Doesn’t it go off quicker?

Reality: Much of the time, that's simply not true, since most wines are made to be consumed within a year or two of their release. The rare exceptions come with a lot of responsibilities attached, beginning with proper storage and a group of knowledgeable and appreciative friends to drink them with when the time comes. Fact is, you want your wine fresh, not old and stuffy.


Myth: You can only drink canned wine from the can.

Reality: This is always asked and the short answer is, do whatever you want to do. Most canned wines in the UK at the moment are fresh, spritzy styles that taste great from the can. Naturally, as more premium wines begin to appear, you might want to start pouring your wine into some snazzy glasses, but the truth is, you do you when it comes to knocking back your can.


Myth: Canned wine should be treated just like bottles of wine.

Reality: Canned wine is not about saving to drink 10 years from now, or even saving to drink next month. Canned wine is an enjoy-now kind of wine, and despite what a magazine, sommelier or newspaper snob says, that’s OK. If you’re out with mates during a long-awaited picnic or on the train on an adventure for the day, grabs some cans and throw them in the cooler. There’s no ageing or thinking required–other than deciding what you’re going to pair it with.

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