The Canvino magnum pack has arrived just in time for party season

The Canvino magnum pack has arrived just in time for party season

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News flash, magnums aren’t just reserved for bottles, you know. With Christmas around the corner and party season in full swing, Crimbo is about to get even fizzier as we unveil our brand new, all-natural, vegan-friendly and totally recyclable Magnum packs.

What’s in the case? The eight strong magnum pack comes with a selection of four rosé and four Bianco flavoured cans packaged in an easily dispensable grab and go party-ready box. Packing in the equivalent of two bottles of fizz, it all fits nicely in the fridge and is loaded with grapes sourced from our family-owned vineyard in northern Italy.

If you’re wondering what they taste like, think fresh, bubbly, crisp and buzzy. Bianco is all about the ‘secco’ style sparkle, with a touch of fruit and dryness making it a good one for any potential Christmas eve pairings.

Those who prefer a little more Italian zing will go gaga for the rosé. Medium-dry, refreshing and with a light touch of bubbles, it’s a well-balanced fruity note which goes well with practically anything you’ve got lying around in the fridge or on the table. 

Still need more convincing? Compare our cans to your average bottle and you’ll instantly notice your booze will stay cooler for longer. Hec, even the bubbles test the stand of time to ensure your drink is just as dizzy as your head.

All that’s left to do is grab a couple of packs, say buon natale and let the hangover do the rest.

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