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Winter has arrived and with it two of our favourite things: outdoor cinemas and the excuse to drink even more booze (responsibly, of course). To celebrate, we’ve partnered up with Luna Winter Cinema who are putting on a series of festive-themed movie events at Kensington Palace, and across London.

If you’ve never heard of Luna before (the shock, the horror), the team basically takeover some of the most exclusive venues across the UK – hence the royal palace – and kit them out with top-notch goods, treats and VIP-ready sofas.

To help get us in the mood, they’ve lined up a medley of practically every feel-good Christmas film you can think of. What’s on? All sorts of vintage Crimbo classics from rom coms The Holiday and Love Actually, Hollywood gem It’s A Wonderful Life, kids favourite Home Alone and everyone’s favourite laugh out loud guilty pleasure, Elf.

Of course, no movie would be complete without a drink, and that’s where we come in. All our vegan-friendly and totally recyclable cans packed all the way in the vineyards of northern Italy will be on offer during Luna’s sparkly takeover, from our single fruity numbers, to rosé classics and if you’re lucky, our brand spanking new magnum packs.  

In addition to all our fizz, expect all sort of yuletide foodie galore, including candy canes, popcorn, mince pieces, chocolate coins and just about every other gluttonous food thing you can think of. 

All that’s left to do is grab your Christmas jumpers, book a ticket and plonk your tush on the roomy seats come next blow out date night.


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